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200 Hour Akasha Yoga Teacher Training-Completed 2016

25 Hour Sweet Feet Yoga Training-Completed 2017

Becky Miller, RYT-225

I tried my first yoga class in 2003 when a co-worker suggested we take the class together. I was instantly hooked by the physical practice! Several classes, teachers and styles later, I developed a personal practice at home infusing what I had been taught in with some of my favorite DVDs. I began to understand the impact of a consistent practice. The biggest breakthrough came when I learned to connect with my breath.

My life changed in so many positive ways, I had never been healthier (physically, emotionally, and mentally!). I found a new sense of harmony within myself and within the world around me. Excited, curious and wanting more, I began to study yoga philosophy and to live a yogic lifestyle. Friends and family noticed the positive effects and I felt I had to share. I completed my 200hr RYT in 2016 at Akasha Yoga Center and 25hr RYC in 2017 with Sweet Feet Yoga.
I enjoy teaching a variety of asana styles, but of course I get most excited to talk about the breath! I try to meet students where they are and give them something to leave with, practical tools to use on and off the mat. It is my hope that through practice we all learn to find the deeper sense of harmony within ourselves and of course within the world around us. My favorite tip, “remember to come back to the
breath as needed.”

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