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We are so lucky to have Carrie joining us from Smith Physical Therapy + Running Academy

Carrie Tomasello

Yoga became a part of my life at a time when I was running a lot; a time I was doing 5k’s and 10k’s and competing in multiple triathlons. Of all of the training I was doing, yoga was the last thing I added to my training regime. It also came to me at a time in my life when I was existing deeply in survival mode and needed restoration and peace in every ounce of my existence, but didn’t fully know it at the time.

I actually did not love my first yoga class, it was so different from anything I had been doing at the time, or ever and I actually pulled the arch of my foot in that initial class! Three weeks later, I tried my second class and I fell. in. love. with yoga. So much so that I almost immediately knew I wanted to teach this to others. I felt amazing after that class, physically and mentally, and wanted others to feel this good, too.

My journey towards being a teacher was exactly that: a journey. Within weeks of signing up for my training, a development in my health set my training back an entire year. When I first began to immerse myself into the studies to become a yoga teacher I had envisioned myself being very different from the teacher I am today. Slowly over time, with my certification as a Hatha Teacher; combined with my love of movement, fitness and athletics, my teaching has evolved into what it is today. I am over a decade into my yoga teacher career and my passion and dedication to keep people moving is as strong as ever. I enjoy guiding my students towards healthier lifestyles. Being among communities aligned with such  values continues to deeply integrate into my existence and my desire to share grows.

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