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Denise Yager, RYT500

I remember how good I felt after my first yoga class was in 1995. I was working as a Medical Technologist for a group of exercise physiologists in Dallas at the time. Being naturally fast moving, (for many years my nickname was, Grace, considering how many times I would trip over various things) and fast talking, I loved the calmness and new awareness I found on the yoga mat. After a job change, two children, and a move to the Crystal Lake area, I was searching for an outlet to reconnect me to my body mind and spirit and also make a few friends. My husband suggested I find a yoga class since he had remembered how much I enjoyed it. My once a week class led me to find a local studio and then teacher training in 2003.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to teach students of all ages throughout the years. In addition to the physical practice of asana, I like to include elements of breathing and learning in my classes which help bring yoga into the daily lives of my students. When students leave my class they feel happy, relaxed and feel successful in their practice.

Interested in private sessions with Denise? Contact us here for appointment times.


200 Hour Kalitrea Yoga Studio Teacher Training-Completed 2004

Prairie Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training-Completed 2020 

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