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holistic Mental health sessions

When we are young, our minds are designed to absorb any and all information around us. This helps us form a foundation of understanding upon which the rest of our lives are built. Unfortunately, nearly all of us experienced some form of trauma in our early years whether it be verbal, emotional, physical, or psychological. These events and patterns, although they may seem unimportant now, can lodge themselves inside our subconscious and create unhealthy patterns that we may not even realize are holding us back. The key is in the BREATH! By combining intentional language with a specific type of breathwork, we are able to identify and release these patterns so that we can start to run NEW programs in our minds and live life as the person we have always wanted to be. The changes happen quickly! Within the first few sessions, we have seen clients release memories from up to 20+ years ago and watched their circumstances improve immensely over the months following. Devin has been trained in the Enlifted Method and is so passionate about helping others achieve their best Self! Learn more about his trainings here.  
We recommend starting with four sessions to experience the most profound effects and make the most changes in your mindset. After that, feel free to use the single session as maintenance medicine. You can expect a renewed sense of peace and confidence that will allow you to go for the life you've always known you were meant for.

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