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New Moon in Pisces

At dawn on Sunday 3/10, we have the privilege of experiencing the annual new moon in the sign of Pisces. Though a full moon occurs when the sun and moon are in exact opposition, a new moon takes place when the sun and moon conjoin at the same degree in the zodiac. This signifies the beginning of another lunar cycle that will build over the next six months and ultimately culminate at the next corresponding full moon, in September.

With this in mind, a new moon is a new beginning. As a consistently shining solar orb, the sun represents our ego, our intellect, and our inner masculine energy. This provides stability, character, and consistent illumination while the moon reflects our inner world of emotions, fluctuations, and femininity. With these two luminaries joining forces, we are able to harmonize these two complementary aspects of ourselves and bring new exciting creations into being. 

Since this wonderful event is taking place in the sign of Pisces, we are invited to gaze deeply into the ocean of infinite possibility. Being the final sign in the zodiac, all things are possible here and earthly systems of boundary, structure, and limitation quickly dissolve. This provides us with a truly magical opportunity to imagine our desired future reality and invite it into existence.

What is your BIGGEST dream?

Who do you wish to be here?

What would you do if ANYTHING were possible?

These are the questions we must ask ourselves as this sun/moon conjunction opens a portal to possibility over the next six months. 

This new moon is also interacting with another special event of cosmological significance known as a Mars/Uranus square. This aspect is typically considered challenging as the hot and furious energies of Mars skirmish against the unexpected and rebellious nature of Uranus. From this aspect alone, we could expect unpredictable shake ups that seek to destroy old and expired habits, structures, paradigms. 

The good news is this: this Mars/Uranus square is connected to this new moon by a very harmonious aspect called a sextile (60 degree angle). This geometric relationship adds a quality of mending or synergy between the new moon and planetary square. This allows us to draw upon the infinite well of Pisces to solve problems that may have created underlying tension in our lives. When we discover solutions to these problems, we can fully utilize the power of imagination to not only see but FEEL them into reality. 

Enjoy this enchanted lunation and happy imagining!


Devin Bailey

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