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Astrological Consultation - Health Coaching - Mental Health

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Devin Bailey
B.S Neuropsychology, Reiki Level II, Certified Health Coach, Integrative Astrologer

We are honoured to have Devin Bailey on our team to offer the above services. His purpose here is to help others live their BEST life. He has studied nutrition, psychology and various metaphysical topics for over 15 year. He combines his education and experiences to help others get unstuck and on the road to thriving and flourishing.

You can find Devin at Be Moved on Wednesdays & Sundays from 10am-4pm!

Astrological Consultations 

Astrology Map

At the moment of your birth, the specific locations of the planets in our solar system as well as the mathematical aspects between them formed a very special energetic signature that is unique to you. By understanding this signature, you are able to learn more about how your own mind and emotions best flow as well as gain clarity on major life themes such as relationships, finances, health, and overall life satisfaction. In a 75 minute session, we will take a deep dive into your natal chart so that you are fully prepared to step into the rest of your life with confidence, clarity, and renewed excitement to be YOU.

Health Coaching 

Nutritional Cooking

Your body is a temple. Because every single aspect of our lives depends upon the functioning of this temple, your physical health must be a cornerstone in your daily practice when seeking to live your best life. In a 75 minute health coaching session, we will take a close look at your nutrition, movement, and elemental balance while practicing strategies to minimize stress. We will optimize your energy levels, sleep quality, digestive function, mood, and vitality by combining ancestral wisdom with modern day science to help you truly THRIVE!

Holistic Mental Health Sessions

Kundalini Yoga Breathing

When we are young, our minds are designed to absorb any and all information around us. This helps us form a foundation of understanding upon which the rest of our lives are built. Unfortunately, nearly all of us experienced some form of trauma in our early years whether it be verbal, emotional, physical, or psychological. These events and patterns, although they may seem unimportant now, can lodge themselves inside our subconscious and create unhealthy patterns that we may not even realize are holding us back. The key is in the BREATH! By combining intentional language with a specific type of breathwork, we are able to identify and release these patterns so that we can start to run NEW programs in our minds and live life as the person we have always wanted to be. The changes happen quickly! Within the first few sessions, I have seen clients release memories from up to 20+ years ago and watched their circumstances improve immensely over the months following. After the first 75 minute session, you can expect a renewed sense of peace and confidence that will allow you to go for the life you've always known you were meant for.

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