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Contrast Therapy: Hot & Cold 

Are you ready to take the plunge? Our exciting new contrast therapy room should awaken all of your senses and make your tired muscles feel new again!
This practice is centuries-old but quickly gaining popularity in our modern age. It is a revered tradition, practiced by athletes to improve performance, trauma survivors to rebuild resiliency, and anyone else that deals with common aches and pains. There are health-boosting benefits to first taking an ice bath then immediately contrasting that with a sauna's radiant heat. It opens your mind, body, and immune system to new levels of function! It proves to yourself that you can accomplish hard things.

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The contrast therapy experience begins as you alternate between hot and cold treatments, cycling between infrared sauna sessions, ice baths, and rest. It improves blood circulation, helps you de-stress, and awakens your body and mind.

Hot cold therapy accelerates nutrient-rich blood flow, quells inflammation in your body, and heightens your senses. Contrast therapy sharpens mental focus, so it's the perfect way to relax yet feel invigorated and creative. 

The risks and benefits of contrast therapy are the same as using the cold plunge or sauna, individually. The same is true for the clientele.

Hot = Sauna


  • Eases sore muscles

  • Improves sleep

  • Helps with relaxation

  • Can aid in skin and lung conditions

Cold = Plunge


  • Can be used to speed up healing time after an injury

  • Eases joint and muscle pain

  • Athletic performance and recovery

  • Boosts energy

  • Enhances mood

  • Creates focus

  • Builds resiliency and can aid in mental health

  • Boosts circulation and reduces inflammation

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Physical Performance: This article outlines great information in a moderated way. Here you can learn about recovery and cold plunge. A must read!

Inflammation: Cold Plunge, it's not for show it's for real. Read a study here done on cold therapy and its effects on inflammation.

Longevity & Overall Health: Sauna, an overview of all the benefits that science is suggesting.

Mood Stabilization: This 2007 study looks at using cold therapy as a treatment for depression. Check it out. Winter swimming! Feel good! Have a look.

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