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Yoga Etiquette

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before class to gather props and chat with the instructor if it is needed. Let the instructor know if you have any injuries or limitations.


  • If you have to leave early, do so quietly. We encourage you to stay for savasana, it is the best part of the practice!


  • No food or drink in class besides water. It is a good idea to have a light snack or a piece of fruit about 30-60 minutes before your yoga practice.


  • Please no gum in class.


  • Respect the community you are practicing with; if you are arriving late, please wait to enter the studio until the opening mediation is over. Enter quietly. 


  • Please refrain from wearing powerful perfumes or scents.


  • Respect the space and put your props away neatly.


  • Keep your cell phones on silent (off is even better) and in your purse. This is your time to unwind, relax, and tune in! This goes for Apple watches too.




How do I change or cancel an appointment or class?

If you need to modify or cancel an appointment, please contact our studio directly. If you need to cancel your appointment, you must do so as soon as possible. If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, you will still be charged.


How do I schedule an appointment or class?

You can schedule an appointment online, through our Spaces by Wix app, or by contacting one our studio. We also welcome walk-ins, but due to high demand, we recommend scheduling in advance.


When should I arrive for my appointment or class?

Please try to arrive about 10 minutes prior to your appointment/class time to sign in and prepare.


Do you allow minors to use your services?

All services, excluding medical services, are available to minors between the ages of 16 to 17 unless otherwise prohibited by local/state law. Minor use of services requires the written consent of a parent or legal guardian, and additional restrictions may apply. Please contact the studio for more details.


What if I am late or fail to show up for my appointment or class?

-Grace period of 10 minutes for services. *This will cut into your appointment time. **You will lose your appointment if you arrive more than 15 minutes late.

-We ask that you be on time for yoga.

*If you are a no show/no cancel (within 24hrs),you will be charged for the class as you did take a spot from another potential student.  


What are the expiration dates for the packages?

You can schedule an appointment online, through our Spaces by Wix app, or by contacting one our studio. We also welcome walk-ins, but due to high demand, we recommend scheduling in advance.


Can I share my package or membership with someone else?

All packages and memberships at Be Moved are non-transferrable and can only be used by the individual package holder or member.


What is your return policy?

Merchandise may be returned or exchanged within 7 days of purchase as long as the item is unworn, unused, not damaged, and presented in its original condition. All returns for merchandise must be completed at the studio. Our services and class packages are non-refundable.



How do I purchase a membership or package?

Memberships/packages can be purchased at the studio, online or through our app. Please make sure that you plan to redeem your purchase by your expiration date. Unused classes will not roll over. Membership offerings and pricing may vary, please refer to the pricing page for more details.


How do I cancel my membership or package?

Members may cancel their Monthly Unlimited package at any time by cancelling online or reaching out to us at the studio. When a member cancels, their Agreement remains in effect until the end of their then-current billing cycle.


How do I freeze my membership or package?

Members will be permitted to freeze their membership for up to 2 months every 12-month period from their membership activation date. This can be consecutive or non-consecutive months. If you need longer than that, please reach out to Kelley as we are always willing to work with you! You may also inquire about our Snowbird special if you leave Crystal Lake during the winter. While the membership is frozen, all perks will be suspended, and we will not bill for services. A membership freeze can be lifted at any time by request from the member. Once a membership freeze is lifted, billing on the membership will resume that same day.

Contrast Therapy/Infrared Sauna/Cold Plunge


What is contrast therapy?

Contrast therapy is synonymous with hot & cold therapy. It involves a process of toggling between the heat in an infrared sauna, creating vasodilation in the body, and the cold in the plunge, creating vasoconstriction in the body. 


How long are the appointments?

We offer a maximum appointment time of 20 minutes for the Cold Plunge. You may book 20 minute or 45 minute Sauna appointments. Finally, we have 30 minute and 60 minute hot/cold appointments. 


How is the cold plunge cleaned?

Our cold plunge's primary disinfectant process is ozone, which is injected into the water during the filtration process 24/7. When dissolved in water, ozone produces a broad spectrum biocide that destroys all bacteria, viruses, and fungi. There is also a 20 micron filter that pulls out any debris in the water. 


How hot and cold do the sauna and cold plunge get?

Our full spectrum infrared saunas reach a temperature of 158F (70C). Our cold plunges are kept at a temperature ranging between 45F - 48F (7C - 9C).


What is the experience like?

When you come in for your appointment, a staff member will guide you to our contrast therapy room and talk you through your protocol. You may bring all of your belongings into the room with you. Once you are left in your private room your timer for your session begins. You will have full control of your environment and can take as many breaks as you need throughout your experience. Once your timer in the room has ended, you have 5 minutes to change and exit the room. There are towels and robes for you to use during your session.


What should I bring and wear?

There will be a towel and a robe in the room for each person. We highly recommend water shoes or slip resistant shoes if you will be using the cold plunge during your appointment. A bathing suit is best in both the sauna and the plunge. Please bring water with you, we do have water on-sight for you to fill up your reusable water bottle! If you would like, you are welcome to bring your own toiletries, robe, extra towels, and slippers. You may also bring a book or magazine to keep you entertained! 


What is the hot/cold protocol?

We recommend about 9 minutes in the sauna, 3 minutes in the plunge, 3 minutes rest, and repeat. You may toggle between the sauna and cold plunge as much as you would like during your session. We recommend being very present with yourself and adjust to your personal and physical limits during each session.



What if I am pregnant?

We do not recommend infrared sauna or cold therapy for individuals who are pregnant.


Is there anyone who should avoid contrast therapy?

Those who are sensitive to cold or hot temperatures or with any circulatory conditions. Anyone with open sores, pregnant, or with a pacemaker should not do this treatment. If you are unsure, please consult with your physician.


What is infrared sauna?

Infrared saunas are a type of sauna that feels similar to a dry sauna, but instead uses infrared heaters to heat the sauna and the body. Infrared light is invisible to the human eye, but functions to direct the heat of the sauna directly under the skin. The main difference between a classic wet or dry sauna is that the infrared radiates the heat into the body directly, rather than just being a hot room. For this reason, infrared saunas usually have a maximum temperature of 158F, but can get the body to just as high of a temperature as a typical sauna, with a gentler heat that doesn’t feel as overwhelming to the skin and lungs.


How should I prepare for my appointment?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Hydration is one of the most important things before, during, and after each sauna session. Electrolytes are a plus! Going into your sauna as hydrated as possible will maximize the comfort and benefits of your sauna experience and keep you safe. Avoid large, heavy meals before your session. Avoid putting any products on your skin before arriving as well. During your session you will be sweating and releasing toxins a lot, and products on the skin can interfere with the detox process.

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