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Policies for Teacher Training

Tuition Policy Tuition for the Be Moved 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is $2,800, plus a $250 application deposit. Payment plans are available and can be discussed with the lead trainer. If tuition is paid in full before the program it is $2,600. Bring a friend and you will each receive $100 off. Please note that pricing includes the cost of the 200-hour teacher training with Kelley Edwards, the Be Moved manual, 12 weekends of individualized instructions and lectures and a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification. Pricing does NOT include textbooks, miscellaneous yoga equipment, and any retreats. Only students who intend to complete the program and earn the certificate should apply. To complete your application a $250 deposit payment is required. Upon receiving the deposit, your application will be reviewed within 7 days. If your application is accepted it will turn into a registration and your deposit is non-refundable. If your application is not accepted, the $250 deposit will be refunded. If you have a payment plan set up, your first payment is expected a week before training begins. Tuition must be paid in full one week prior to the completion of the program. Certificates will not be given to students with missed payments. Payment Plans: Standard Price: $2,800 + $250 = $3,050 in total Early Bird Price: $2,600 + $250 = $2,850 **must be paid in full before the start of the program Payment plan whereby halfway through the program, 50% of tuition must be paid. If it is not, the student is not allowed to attend until they are up to date on their payments. Late payments will be assessed at a $25 fee for each week past the due date. In addition to late fees, the student will not be allowed in training classes until balance is brought current. Any training classes missed due to late payments must be made-up.

Refund & Cancellation Policy Seven or more calendar days before the first training class, your tuition will be refunded minus the $250 registration fee. Less than seven calendar days and/or on the day of the first training class, your tuition will be refunded minus $750. On the day of the second training class, your tuition will be refunded minus $1,000. No refunds are available after the second training class if a cancellation is needed. The program reserves the right to cancel any training before it begins. In that case, any payments applicants have made will be refunded in full.

Attendance Policy Missing Training Hours: Each student can miss 3 days of the training program. These missed hours must be rescheduled, as they are included in the cost of the program and the information is imperative to you receiving a well-rounded education. I understand that life happens, and things come up unexpectedly. I respect notice in advance as much as possible. Please contact the lead trainer when you will be missing. Withdrawal Policy: If a student wishes to withdraw from our program for any reason, they must first contact the lead trainer to discuss their reasons for withdrawal. Refunds will be given in accordance with the program’s refund policy. Termination from Program: The program may decide to terminate any student’s participation in the program if: (1) false information was used in the admission process that materially affects the program; (2) a student is absent for more than 4 consecutive days without contacting the lead trainer; (3) the student fails to make timely payments of tuition; or (4) the student is unable to pass a test after being given 3 attempts. If the program decides to end the student’s participation in the program, the student is not entitled to any prior payments or fees. All prior payments and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Bad Conduct: No refunds will be given if the program removes a student from the program for bad conduct. Bad conduct is a violation of the Code of Conduct, gossip, harassment, bullying, or any other behavior that is inappropriate or disruptive to the welfare of the program or to fellow students.

200 Hour Teacher Training and Immersion Application

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