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Astro Update: Full Moon in Virgo

We have arrived at a very exciting time! This Saturday 2/24 at 6:30 am CST will be the annual full moon lunation in the sixth zodiacal sign of Virgo. Though full moons themselves are typically times of tension and high energy, there are a few different astrological factors playing into this event from which we can expect some very interesting results.

First off, this full moon (along with all others) is a 180 degree opposition between the moon and the sun. This means that the two luminous orbs we see every day are in a position where they cannot possibly be further from each other in space. We can think of this dynamic as a "tug-of-war" of sorts; in which the energies associated with these two luminaries are in direct conflict with each other. It is no wonder why these monthly events are so highly correlated with exaggerated emotional expression, restlessness, arguments, etc. Talk to ANY nurse or elementary school teacher and they will tell you that full moons make everybody, as the kids say these days, extra.

So what is so special about THIS full moon? I am glad you asked.

This special annual lunation will be occurring when the moon, in the feminine earth sign of Virgo, comes into alignment with the Sun, in the boundless oceanic sign of Pisces. Pisces season is wonderful as it illuminates the more spiritual aspects of our being and encourages us to think about the big picture. Being the very end of the zodiac, Pisces represents the parts of us that see beyond illusory structures and welcomes in any and all in an open-armed, unconditionally accepting manner. Virgo, however, is quite the opposite energy. Where Pisces sees all through the lens of unity and Christ consciousness, Virgo seeks to find order and perfection. This requires structure, boundary, and analysis in order to ensure that all is accounted for and all boxes are checked.

Virgo shows us where we approach life with perfectionism and, in some cases, where we feel we fall short. With these two energies facing off, this lunation is going to be a WONDERFUL time to let go of limiting beliefs about ourselves and surrender to the divine perfection that we know exists inside us. During this time, Saturn will nearly be conjoining the Sun, so there may be an added heaviness for a few days; though this will ultimately be for our benefit. Saturn seeks to mature and add structure to the various parts of our natal chart. This will be the perfect opportunity to use the crushing weight of Saturn to our advantage and let go of the limiting beliefs and self-criticism that have been holding us back (with the moon shining bright in Virgo, these will certainly be highlighted.)

In the days following this powerful cosmic event, there will be both a Mercury/Sun

conjunction AND Mars/Jupiter square. The former typically provides a brief, though

inspiring, moment of inner clarity and opportunity for smooth communication: so pay attention to your words! With the Mars and Jupiter interaction, we can expect some big invigorating energy boosts so EYES ON THE PRIZE, GUYS! With these two planetary events synergizing with this full moon, you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

How can you harness the power of these energetic, planetary shifts?

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Want to know how this all effects YOU?

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