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May Benefic Full Moon

“I embrace my desire 

To feel the rhythm

To feel connected

To feel inspired

To fathom the power

To witness the beauty

To bathe in the fountain

To swing on the spiral”

                            ~Maynard James Keenan


Congratulations! If you are reading this post, it means that you have successfully survived an extremely tense month of astrological chaos. From the Saturn/Mars conjunction to a massive solar eclipse conjoining Chiron (the wounded healer) in Aries, April 2024 held some of the most difficult astrology of the year. The good news is… WE HAVE ARRIVED!

Once a year, the two most benefic planets in the sky (Venus and Jupiter) meet up at the same degree in the zodiac. This is said to be the luckiest and most fortunate day of the year as the sweet, romantic, and beauty-bringing aspects of Venus are magnified by the expansive, abundant, and jubilus nature of Jupiter. This day is an absolutely perfect time to launch a new project, share a creative endeavor, or spend some time with an extra special someone. To make this EVEN BETTER, this lovely conjunction is happening in the final degree of Taurus which is one of Venus’ two home signs. From this, we can expect an amplification of the sensual, luxurious, grounding vibes that this sign offers. 

On this very same day, we have our annual full moon in the sign of Sagittarius. While the huge Aries eclipse was a new moon (sun/moon conjunction) and therefore a grand beginning to fated events, this configuration is occurring as the sun and moon perfectly oppose on either side of the zodiacal circle and is therefore a culmination point of whatever began in our lives at the new moon on December 12th 2023.


Because this full moon is happening in the jovial fire sign of Sagittarius, we would say that this event is ruled by the planet Jupiter. Much like we would do in a natal chart consultation, we can look to see the condition and placement of Jupiter at the moment of this lunar event to understand more about it. As mentioned earlier, Jupiter will be within a one degree conjunction of Venus for the entirety of the day meaning that both the conjunction AND the full moon are extremely well placed. This means that we can look forward to wonderful circumstances popping up both in the Sagittarius and Taurus sectors of our natal charts and, therefore, our lives. 

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