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Good Things Are Coming

It’s been a wonderful two months of Be Moved Yoga. I cannot believe we are heading into the last month of 2023! This time of year can be busy and filled with thoughts of Sugar Plum Fairies and other people. I encourage you, more than ever, to keep taking care of YOU! You’ve heard it before but when your own cup is full, or fuller than it may feel now-you can give so much more to others. 

2023 has been a whirlwind of a year for me. This time last year I was really wondering what would be next for me as a yoga instructor and educator. I knew I wanted to keep doing what I was doing, but felt the energy of more around me. I knew I loved running teacher trainings; the ability to really get to know a group of people and go deep into a practice that is our common thread is an unexplainable feeling. I love the kinship that we create in a mere 12 weeks during trainings and how it lasts a lifetime. I am a student and sharer by nature, so to get to compile information and create trainings from them is a gift.

But I found myself wondering:

“how can I take that feeling and extend it into my days and weeks and make it last all year long?”

I was craving more community. 

A meditation and journaling session one night led me to the sentiment:

Just keep doing what you’re doing…what you’re looking for will find its way to you.

"okay," I thought, and continued to just love what I do and trust the life path I am on.

The conversations and events that followed these moments led me to where we are now: Be Moved Yoga & Wellness, Kelley Edwards-Studio Owner. What?! Really!? I have so many people to thank….

It is incredible what can change in a year. Two months as owner and I am where I should be. It brings me joy to be at the front desk and finally put faces to names that I’ve seen for years on the rosters. It has been a total pleasure getting to know you all better. I love folding the blankets each night and tidying the space after each class so that I know you all are walking into a beautiful studio the next day. Having conversations with each and every one of you is what fills up my cup. I applaud those of you who have tried the Contrast Therapy room, too! Isn’t it so fun proving to ourselves how strong and resilient we are?! 

I have been busy looking ahead to 2024 and planning the year. A full year of Be Moved! The events and offerings I have in mind are going to be so special. I am excited; there are good things coming!

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