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Lunar Eclipse in Libra


“The spirit soul bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks himself the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by the three modes of material nature.”

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 3, Verse 27

Twice each year, we enter a two week period in which the path of the sun through the sky (called the ecliptic) intersects with the path of the moon. When a full or new moon happens during this alignment, we get an eclipse. According to astrological texts dating back from thousands of years, ancient humans have always considered eclipses to be profoundly significant. In Vedic Astrology, eclipses are karmic fated events that reveal previously hidden forces that have been influencing our behaviors without detection. When these powerful cosmological events occur in the sky above us, we are briefly exposed to these influential forces and, typically, major shifts occur in the collective.

Various texts from antiquity tell us that eclipses often coincide with the death of a king, emperor, or other great ruler. This was taken so seriously that often a king would temporarily step down from his throne during the few days that an eclipse was near and return to it a few days later. 

Though the majority of us are not political monarchs, we may look at eclipses as moments of great intensity when seemingly destined moments of great importance occur in our lives. This can show up as the result of our actions or more often, as events ordered by a higher power that are seemingly out of our control. Because of this, it is a great time to humble ourselves and surrender to the will of a superior creator.

While a full year consistently gives us one full moon in each of the zodiac signs, eclipse points move much slower. Eclipses will happen in a given axis (set of two opposing signs) for about 18 months before shifting into the next pair of signs. Currently, the eclipse points fall in the axis of Aries/Libra. Since this special event is a full moon, we will find the Sun currently in Aries and the moon perfectly opposing it in Libra. 

Libra is a sign of harmony, beauty, and balance. Opposing the individualistic ego-driven characteristics of Aries, a full moon in Libra signifies a high point or illumination of the relationships in our lives. Since this full moon is also a south node eclipse, we are especially called to let go of that which is no longer providing benefit to us when it comes to these themes.


Journal Prompts -or- Questions to Reflect On:

-Are we the partner that we wish to give the world? 

-What fears are still running in the background of our minds that are no longer helpful?

-What are we ready to let go of?

By asking ourselves these questions, we can best take advantage of the releasing energy that follows this immensely powerful lunar event. As we let go of the mental and emotional programs that we have allowed to consistently sabotage our success, let us also embrace the flow of the divine program and embody radical allowance as karmic events unfold around us. 


Devin Bailey

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