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Begin Again

Updated: Jan 9

I hope you were met with incredible memories and cherished time with family and friends to end the year. I also hope this new year is off to a great start for you! I truly enjoy the changing of the years and seasons; an opportunity to mark time and be intentional about how I want to move forward. I love the chance to reflect on where I have been and honor the lessons I learned; laying them down as the foundation for what is to come.

Personally, it has felt like a big step to move from last year to this one. To move from a year that felt very unsettled for me, to a year where I have creative freedom and a community that is growing and means the world to me. It has taken me time to get here but I finally feel like I am in a place where I can set down my roots. That feeling of wandering is coming to an end. I have enjoyed the journey so much. 

Looking forward-a WHOLE YEAR of Be Moved?! To say I am ecstatic would be an understatement

I am not one for making resolutions. In my experience, they tend to be centered around activities, around getting something done, and I already have enough on my to-do list. I also do not want the pressure of my year being based around one thing. What if I do not accomplish that thing? What if I miss a day or a week? Is my whole year a failure then? No, not for me. No thanks.

Instead, I set feelings for the year. This way, no matter what happens…because LIFE will happen….I can always bring the same vibe or feeling to what I am doing. 

If I set a resolution to workout every day, but I get sick and need to rest…then I could start to get down on myself for not sticking to my resolution, even though it would not be wise to workout. 

But if I set a feeling for the year to remain calm and kind, then I can bring that with me in everything I do. I can workout in a calm and kind way, I can be sick in a calm and kind way, I can have difficult conversations in a calm and kind way, I can go grocery shopping in a calm and kind way, etc etc. So when an obstacle arises, when life happens, I will not be discouraged. Often, my resolutions last throughout the whole year. Not something that is discarded and forgotten about by February.

I am also not too hard on myself at the start of the year. We are still in the middle of Winter, a time to be more quiet and introspective. Spring really holds the energy we look for at this time of year, but it is still a few months away. So if you have not had that urge to go big, be bold, make changes; that’s alright! Nature is still developing, too. You still have some time before you begin again.   

-David Gate-

What rituals and routines do you set for the New Year? How do you say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new? If you set a resolution, or a feeling, please comment below if you feel like sharing! We are here to help each other! 

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