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Spring Always Comes

I am so excited for this new month and being on the cusp of a new season adds an incredible energy to everything that is waking back up again. I am a fan of change, a fan of transitions, and this year feels different than other Springs. I cannot quite put my finger on it, but I feel it-and that is all I need. As I watch the weather change, the trees and greenery all coming back to  life, it is hard not to reflect on my own struggles, growth and what is still to come.

The quote above is one I think about often. It plays into the fact that our perspective creates our reality. What if I’m not being buried? What if this struggle and these moments of discomfort are happening because growth is coming? 

I have lovely bundles of daffodils planted around my yard. Every Spring these are the first of my plants to poke their little stalks out of the soil. I look forward to seeing them, knowing that Spring is just around the corner. I have misunderstood their plight to bring beauty and resources to the birds and the bees each year. Their journey is not without effort….it cannot be easy to be under pressure and to push your way through multiple layers of land and soil. That has got to be heavy; that’s got to be discouraging. 

And yet, every year….there they are. Spring always comes. 

I went on a trip out West recently to celebrate my baby brother turning 30. The trip was action packed! We did something adventurous every day and while the good times were so good, TOO good…I carried with me a lot of anxiety and fear. This trip brought me face to face with the fact that I have this narrative within me, probably one that is instinctual and necessary for survival but has gotten out of hand, that tells me the world is not safe and I need to be fearful. I know deep within that this is not true, I am often in very safe situations; so it must be the Ego having a difficult time with what…lack of control? I have yet to get to the bottom of it but as a student of life and yoga, I know I have the tools I need to come back into balance.

So this is where my growth lies this season: focusing on down-regulating my nervous system and changing my mind to change my reality into one of comfort, joy and abundance. I know these times are temporary and I welcome the opportunity to reflect on myself and raise my vibrations. 

Just like the busiest of days always ends with myself at home, hanging out with my hubby and pups; so too will those fearful moments end. Spring always comes.

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