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Live Classes

Experience our cozy Crystal Lake studio in-person or live streamed from the comfort of your own home in the Zoom Room.

Private Sessions

Receive individualized attention and work one-on-one with our talented and dedicated instructors. 

Workshops, Trainings & Events

Deepen your practice and understanding in many areas with our incredible workshops, events and trainings.                  

Be Moved TV

Hundreds of classes for any mood, style, duration and level in our extensive library. Practice on your own time, anywhere. Just $25/month.

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Announcements & Upcoming events


Prefer to practice on your own time? We got you covered

Be Moved TV gives you the freedom to practice wherever you are! For $25/month, gain access to our extensive & diverse library of pre-recorded classes. We have plenty of options for class style, duration and level to fit your mood!

Not just a yoga studio

We believe in the power of yoga but we also respect that there are many modalities to vitality & wellness. We want to help you approach your health not only from the physical level, but tap into the mental & emotional sides, too. 

Infrared Sauna & Cold Plunge

Want to supercharge your recovery and feel amazing? Spend time in our Contrast Therapy room- it's like giving your body and mind a reset button.

Holistic Mental Health Sessions

Work through and re-frame difficult moments in your life using the En-lifted Method. If you have tried Talk Therapy and felt unfulfilled, this may be the missing link! Use breath work, repetition and affirmations to re-wire your body's response to trauma.  

Health Coaching

Achieve your health goals and find success in integrating healthy habits into your lifestyle. Devise goals & strategies to keep yourself accountable!

Integrative Astrology

Understanding the influence of the celestial bodies at the moment of your birth can provide insight into your life's journey and behavioural tendencies.  

Beverly T

"Kelley Edwards has created a studio and designed a series of classes to meet the needs of every student. Offering more than 20 classes in a flexible schedule each week, Be Moved is striving to offer varying degrees of difficulty with an experienced staff to assist each student to progress to be their best self. As I enter into my 5th year, I find each instructor to be professional; yet warm & encouraging, always ready to meet me where I am on any particular day with a friendly smile."

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